Brussels is another must-see in Europe – the political capital of the whole of Europe, with the EU Parliament and prominent EU institutions located there. In the afternoon, we will visit the Grand Place and Parc du Cinquantenaire – to enjoy the views of Baroque and neo-Gothic architecture in the city center of Brussels.

Belgium is known for its high-quality soft-centred chocolate, and chocolate is an important part of the country’s economy and culture. This is why today, we will experience what it is like to produce Belgian chocolate by participating in a chocolate workshop! Hopefully, there will be something left to bring back to China for your friends and family to taste 😉

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium – a facility that includes six museums. The Royal Museums have an impeccable collection of over 20,000 drawings and sculptures and host the collections of some of Europe’s most prominent artists. Importantly and most interesting, the museum was founded by the famous French emperor Napoleon.

The Parlamentarium – an interactive space that allows everyone to immerse themselves in the daily workings of an EU politician. The Parlamentarium has facilities that allow visitors to engage in multimedia immersion in the heart of the EU Parliament and outlines the mechanisms of EU cooperation. It is the perfect space to even further understand EU culture!

Filled with museums, art, history, and hip places, Amsterdam is the new hotspot that attracts thousands of tourists annually. Amsterdam is a place that attracts many artists and creatives alike – a true artistic hotspot. This is why a visit to its museums – the Rijksmuseum Museum, Stedelijk, and Van Gogh Museum – is a must. It is the pinnacle of historic and art collections, hosting some of the most famous exhibits in Europe. And of course, we will not forget to try some Dutch Fusion Cuisine – street food like herring or stroopwafels, famous Indonesian and Surinamese tocos, and classical restaurants with traditional Dutch food.

Jewish district – Jordaan. It is a small but charming district in the West of Amsterdam which is known for its narrow and interconnected canal lines, hip cafes and stores, and many markets. We will explore the historical city center, and hidden secret gardens, and visit the well-known Anne Frank Museum. 


Uncover the secrets of Sofia, where ancient history dances with contemporary vibrancy, and every cobblestone whispers tales of empires past. Immerse yourself in a cityscape adorned with golden-bricked streets, iconic Orthodox domes, and a mountainous embrace that beckons both adventurers and soul-seekers.

Dive into the enchanting embrace of Plovdiv, where the echoes of Thracian splendor and Roman grandeur resound through its ancient amphitheater and cobblestone streets. Plovdiv unfolds its layers, revealing a captivating destination where past and present converge in harmony, promising an unforgettable journey through Bulgaria's cultural gem.


Discover the allure of Thessaloniki, a city where ancient legacies meet modern vibrancy, inviting you to wander through Byzantine wonders, savor the energy of lively squares, and embrace a cultural journey in every step you take.

Tour BG - Greece -Melnik2

Nestled amidst the rugged beauty of Bulgaria, Melnik whispers tales of ancient vineyards, historic sandstone pyramids, and a charming town that time seems reluctant to forget.


Unveil the secrets of Brașov, where cobblestone streets lead to medieval wonders, the majestic Carpathians cradle a city steeped in history, and every corner reveals a story waiting to be discovered in this Romanian jewel.


Dive into the heart of Bucharest, a city that whispers tales of resilience through its historic streets, where architectural wonders, thriving arts, and an irresistible energy converge, inviting you to explore the allure of Romania's captivating capital.


With equal measures of grunge and grace, Athens is a heady mix of history and edginess. The magnificent Acropolis, visible from almost every part of the city, is the hub around which Athens still revolves.