Filled with museums, art, history, and hip places, Amsterdam is the new hotspot that attracts thousands of tourists annually. Amsterdam is a place that attracts many artists and creatives alike – a true artistic hotspot. This is why a visit to its museums – the Rijksmuseum Museum, Stedelijk, and Van Gogh Museum – is a must. It is the pinnacle of historic and art collections, hosting some of the most famous exhibits in Europe. And of course, we will not forget to try some Dutch Fusion Cuisine – street food like herring or stroopwafels, famous Indonesian and Surinamese tocos, and classical restaurants with traditional Dutch food.

Jewish district – Jordaan. It is a small but charming district in the West of Amsterdam which is known for its narrow and interconnected canal lines, hip cafes and stores, and many markets. We will explore the historical city center, and hidden secret gardens, and visit the well-known Anne Frank Museum. 

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