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International Children and Youth camp Indigo Adventures

Международный детско-юносшеский центр Индиго Адвенчерс, Болгария

NEW offer from Indigo Camps
International Children Camp
Shkorpilovtsi, Bulgaria

Indigo Adventures, Shkorpilovtsi, Bulgaria

The Summer in the Children camp Indigo Adventures, will be full of dancing, entertainment and funny games at the beach in the water in the forest or simply put everywhere.

Индиго Адвенчерс, Шкорпиловци

And as usually the initiators of all adventures and entertainments will be our jolly and tireless team Indigo

Summer holiday - is a vacation and a rest from study and work, these are new experience, joyful emotions, pulsating rhythm of life, meet new people

Индиго Адвенчерс, Шкорпиловци

It is meeting morning sunrise with friends and romantic sunset dispatchinг in a narrow range, and much more. Bulgaria will give you many pleasant experiences and pleasure of relaxing at the seaside: the gentle hot sandy beaches, clear water and clean the mirror surface of the sea, clean air and charming noise of waves.

Индиго Адвенчерс, Шкорпиловци

The complex infrastructure offers numerous possibilities for a pleasant pastime for young people, and also for organizing a sports trainings and festivals. The complex territory is covered by the trees, providing coolness and comfort even on the hottest days.

Индиго Адвенчерс, Шкорпиловци


-    1-st@2-nd sectors (buildings + new bungalows) – accommodation in rooms for 4 pax. Each room has WC (shower/toilet), TV, air-condition.

Индиго Адвенчерс, Шкорпиловци

-   3-th sector economy (partly renovated bungalows) - accommodation in rooms for 3-5 pax. Each room has WC (shower/toilet), TV, air-condition.

Индиго Адвенчерс, Шкорпиловци

All Inclusive light – Buffet                                                                               

  • Breakfast (7:30-10:00) 
  • Lunch (12:00-14:00)
  • Snacks (16:00-17:00)
  • Dinner (18:30-21:00)
Индиго Адвенчерс, Шкорпиловци
  • Mineral water (around the clock)
  • Non-alcohol drinks , tea and coffee (7.30-21.00)
  • In the menu there are daily round fresh fruit and vegetables
Индиго Адвенчерс, Шкорпиловци


  • Restaurant with big terrace
  • Doctor - 24 hours
  • Wi-Fi in the area around reception and 3rd  section
  • Currency exchange
Индиго Адвенчерс, Шкорпиловци
  • Hall for performances with up to 60 seats
  • Internet club - additional payment
  • Electronic games – for extra payment
  • Professional scene for animation programs and festivals, equipped with sound and light
  • Darts
  • Archering
Индиго Адвенчерс, Шкорпиловци
  • Children playground
  • 2 dancing halls  with mirrors and wood floor (10х14) with airconditions
  • 2 beach volleyball courts
  • Table tennis
  • Bocce/Petanque
  • mini football field with natural grass
Индиго Адвенчерс, Шкорпиловци
  • 2 sports pools (25х12 м, deptг 1.2-1.8 м) – for swimming, synchronised swimming, water polo; 2 mini pools (one – with small water slide, sunbeds and umbrellas by the pool
  • 2 gyms: Greec-Roman and freestyle wrestling, taekwondo, aikido
Индиго Адвенчерс, Шкорпиловци
  • Multi-platform: basketball, volleybal, mini football
Индиго Адвенчерс, Шкорпиловци


The territory of the camp is 150 meters from the beach (1st line). Convenient, direct passage to the sea. Clean sea, golden sands, gently sloping entrance to the sea. The beach is equipped with tents and life guard.

Индиго Адвенчерс, Шкорпиловци

Services for extra charge:

  • Daiving
  • Water sports on the beach
  • The rich excursion program (Varna Dolphinarium, Varna + shopping, Aladzha Monastery + Water Park, Balchik, Kaliakra, Nessebar, Sea excursions.)
  • Internet games
  • foreign language courses
  • Organized visiting of discos outside the territory of the complex, accompanied by leaders and counselors
Индиго Адвенчерс, Шкорпиловци
Индиго Адвенчерс, Шкорпиловци
Индиго Адвенчерс, Шкорпиловци
Индиго Адвенчерс, Шкорпиловци
Индиго Адвенчерс, Шкорпиловци
Индиго Адвенчерс, Шкорпиловци