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Tomb Kazanlak

3-th Day, Discover Bulgaria,Plovdiv-Kazanlak-Nesebar
  • Visit of Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak.

 Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak-  It is one of the most valuable monument of Thracian architecture and art from the end of the 4 and the beginning of the 3 BC. It was found in 1944 in a mould near the town of Kazanluk. It has a richly painted rectangular entrance hall, a narrow gallery and a brick burial chamber with a dome. Two techniques were used in the decoration – wet fresco and distemper technique. On the frieze in the gallery a combat scene with a lot of figures is depicted. The wall paintings from the main frieze are between two bands of ornaments.  They represent a unique scene, in which the deified deceased and his wife are having a funeral feast and a lot of servants, musicians, guards, coachmen are serving them. Such images are a very important resource of information for the way of life, clothes, appearance and imagination of the Thracian people.This is the best preserved monument of Thracian art in Bulgaria and one of the few masterpieces of antique painting we have today.