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Shumen – Bulgaria, trip from hotel Azalia, St. Constantine

Shumen – country and people

One day trip by bus.

Departure for Shumen at about 08.30. A visit to the stud farm for thoroughbred horses. A walk around the Museum of the horse. Elite horse races and a herd of ponies are shown there. A cart ride around the farm yard. An opportunity for a horse ride by request.Cheese from a dairy farm is tasted. For lunch the tourists arrive in Preslav at the Kartalova house, which was built in the middle of the 19th century.

The guests are welcome with rakiya (Bulgarian strong alcoholic drink) from Preslav and a bunch of geranium. The tourists observe old Bulgarian crafts - rugs weaving, mats crocheting, wool clustering, and they can also try the crafts themselves. The famous Preslavski babi (a folk group from  Preslav) will acquaint them with the authentic folklore of the region and will show them the folk customs of Guergyovden (St George’s day), Easter and a pre-wedding ritual.

The guests are served meals from the typical Bulgarian cuisine and wine can be drunk in unlimited amounts from barrels. After lunch the tourists visit the neighbouring house, walk around it, and are treated by the hostess.

On the way to Shumen they travel through the ruins of the second ancient Bulgarian capital -Veliki Preslav.Free time in Shumen and a visit to Tumbul Mosque - the second biggest mosque on the Balkan Peninsula,  by request.

Return to the resorts.