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Hotel Viktoriq, Varna
3 stars category
Хотел Hotel Viktoriq, Hotels in Varna

Hotel details

Victoria Hotel has double and single rooms that are luxuriously furnished. In each room there is a :

  • TV-set and cable TV,
    - (100 tv. channels) ;

  • mini-bar,

  • AC

  • Internet

The hotel is situated in the heart of the city, the commercial and administrative centre being in proximity as well as the places of entertainment.

The hotel is open all year round and is suitable not only for business trips, but also for relaxation in the seaside city

Actual hotel offers
room type accommodation beds extra beds
DBL double room RO21
SNG single roomRO11
TRPL room for 3RO31
APP/2PAX/ app for 2RO21
prices from 20.00 € to 56.00 €

Breakfast for Ex charge 3 euro pp/pd

Hotel Viktoriq
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